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Organize your day, keep track of your tasks, work productively with timers and take care of your eyes while using a screen for long. Access all these features and more with only your voice. 

The features in the Voice Skill

Day Planner
Organize your day by adding tasks like work, sleep, sports, leisure and custom tasks.
Then keep track of the events of the day or ask Alexa remind you everytime you have a task.

Productivity Timer

Choose the preferred clock from the 3 clocks available: Pomodoro, 52/17 and Ultradian.
Set a timer and start working, Alexa wil start reminding you every time you've got to switch from
work to break and break to work.
There are no interruptions to listening to music or using other skills while the timer is going.

Screen Timer
Using devices with screens for a long time?
Just say, Alexa, ask Uplift Efficiency to set a screen timer.
Alexa will remind you every 20 minutes to take a 20 second break.

5 Day challenges to make your day more efficienct.
Take different challenges including the sleep challenge and leisure challenge.
Do the allocated tasks on the 5 days of the challenge.

The Premium Version

The Premium version enables more features making your experience using Uplift Efficiency better.
Say, "Alexa, Ask Uplift Efficiency to Purchase Premium" and get Uplift Efficiency Premium.

Premium Features
● Create up to 4 accounts. Create more accounts for your family members and use them in the same device.
● Challenges - The challenges feature is only available for premium users.
● Skill Customization - Use more voices not being limited to Alexa's voice, have more accents etc. (Coming Soon)

Uplift Efficiency Premium is priced at $1.49.

Uplift Efficiency - The Productivity Boosting Alexa Skill | Product Hunt